Authorities in Puno, Peru hope to combat cold with improved housing


The regional government of Puno is presenting a plan to the federal government to improve the region’s rural housing stock with green homes. According to El Comercio, the objective is to prevent the childhood mortality that has typically been a part of Puno’s harsh winters.

"The theme of sustainable rural housing is fundamental as a form of facing the freezing weather. There are countries with harsher climates than Puno’s, like northern Europe, and they don’t have as many childhood deaths," regional president Mauricio Rodríguez Rodríguez told Andina. "Therefore, the intention is to construct adequate housing for our brother farm workers and alpaca-herders," he said.

The new houses would have adobe walls, skylights, improved kitches and a lean-to to protect livestock. Rodríguez said that Puno needed housing bonuses, and that the region would present a plan to the federal government in August.

Every year, dozens of infants and young children die in Puno due to the cold. RPP reported that so far this week, 32 children had died due to Puno’s freezing weather, mostly from pneumonia.


Authorities in the southern region of Puno will present the federal government with a plan to prevent childhood deaths by improving rural homes

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