Chile will respect ruling in dispute with Peru


Chilean Head of State Sebastián Piñera has told the Peruvian press that his government will accept whatever the ruling of the International Court of Justice is in Chile’s maritime border dispute with Peru.

While Piñera was in Lima for Ollanta Humala’s presidential inauguration, Andina quoted him as saying, "Chile and Peru are countries respectful of international law, respectful of international treaties, and therefore, I’m sure that both countries will know to be loyal to that tradition and comply with whatever the tribunal decides."

The two heads of state met briefly during Piñera’s trip.

Piñera said that he and Humala would, "work together, as brother countries, under the framework of our integration agreements, under the framework of the Pacific Alliance, under the framework of APEC, so that our peoples have the opportunities that they deserve, and that our problems can be resolved."

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera says his country will respect the upcoming ruling at the International Court of Justice about the Chile/Peru maritime border

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