Peruvians proud of their national identity, poll shows


If you noticed a lot of national pride around Peru during this weekend’s Fiestas Patrias celebration, it was no accident. According to a poll conducted by Ipsos Apoyo and reported in El Comercio, 96% of Peruvians feel pride in their national identity.

The poll of urban Peruvians showed a 1% increase in national pride over last year’s poll.

Polled on why they were proud to be Peruvian, 55% of respondents listed Machu Picchu, 45% with the country’s natural resources, 41% with the country’s gastronomy, and 38% with the natural culture. On the other end of the spectrum, only 6% listed soccer, though the poll was conducted before the national team’s third-place finish in the Copa America.

Asked who best represented Peru abroad, a plurality responded with author Mario Vargas Llosa, topping chef Gastón Acurio and opera singer Juan Diego Flórez.

Only 9% expressed feeling shame about Peru, with crime and corruption being the two leading sources of embarrassment.

A new study released by Ipsos Apoyo shows that 96% of Peruvians are proud of their national identity

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