Traffic accidents down 12% on Peru’s highways


There is good news for those who are driving home today as Fiestas Patrias wrap up: traffic accidents were down 12% on Peru’s highways during the first half of 2011.

The report from Gestión also mentioned that traffic fatalities on national highways had fallen 26% for the same period. The number of accidents fell to 394 from 447 in the first six months of 2010, while the number of fatalities fell to 249 from 336.

Elvira Moscoso, of Peru’s transportation board, attributed the declines to new enforcement of speed limits.

"The numberof accidents has diminished due to the electronic speed control of the vehicle providing ground transportation on the nation’s main highways, under the supervision of SUTRAN," Moscoso said.

The plurality of accidents and road fatalities occurred in Lima, followed by Arequipa, La Libertad and Junín. The majority of accidents occurred at night.


Traffic accidents are down 12% on the nation’s highways so far this year, while traffic fatalities have fallen 26%

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